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Seeing the Southwest: 2020

Hiking Yosemite kicks off our month-long

Diabetes Updates

Recent diabetes updates I recently wrote a post detailing the construction of a chart using the JS library C3 that displayed my blood glucose scores over a period of three years. I’d like to shift focus a little bit from the pure joy of data to a topic with a bit more of a personal more »

Travel Log

Laguna Beach, CA Back in September I took several trips to the western part of the United States, visiting San Francisco, Irvine, and Dallas. Although exhausted by the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. While on the road, I hung out in the coves of Laguna Beach, met with a friend from high school in more »

Working On The Production Line: GE Aviation

  Before going to work at Epic I spent the entirety of my professional career (which consisted of a cumulative 21 months of internships and co-ops) in the aviation industry. I enjoyed it too. I first worked with Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH-famous for the top secret flight programs and its supposed involvement in the more »

Living With Diabetes

First thing’s first, living with diabetes isn’t bad. It really isn’t. Second, I do not like discussing diabetes frequently as I do not consider it a huge part of my life and do not want the disease to be associated with me. Nevertheless my hope in writing this article is to enlighten those who have more »

I’m in a Book!

Do you know the song “I’m on a boat?” If you don’t, you should. In fact, I’m putting it right after this sentence, so if you haven’t seen the video or heard the song, now’s your chance. Anyways, if I possessed the same quality singing voice T. Pain has, and had the desire for everyone to more »

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