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Quarantine 2021: Igloo Update

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Just Do It: 2020 Workout Goals

The past few years my brothers and I have held an annual “workout” competition 💪😎. The workout competition goes as follows: Each competitor must workout 4 times a week Weeks start on Mondays and end on Sundays Workouts should typically be no less than 30 minutes in length (but this is always a judgement call) more »

After Covid…

Last weekend I woke up, and thought, I’d really love to splurge on calories, and go to the Pancake Cafe, a favorite of mine. “Fuck it, I’m sick of Covid” crossed my mind multiple times. And I am. I’m sick of Covid. This has been going on for almost a year. This time last year, more »

How I Make My Films

I’ve been into filmmaking, especially editing, ever since I was in elementary school. Here’s a clip from my early editing days when my brothers, our friends and I made advertisements for spoof products we just made up: In college, I had a film company that produced engineering highlight reels, my cousin’s “how we met” wedding more »

Building My First Bow & Arrows

Back in March I was staying in Cincinnati with my family: my parents, my brother Connor and his girlfriend Molly. I had some time on my hands outside of work, and I thought I’d take advantage of my Dad’s carpentry shop. I’d recently become a fan of The Last Kingdom, a story of the beginnings more »

When Push Comes to Shove

20% of U.S. high school graduates learn a second language, compared to 92% of Europeans. The data reported from Eurostat and the American Councils for Internal Education should beg a few questions in the mind of the average American: Are Western European children smarter than our American children? (No) Do they spend more time studying? more »

The History of Madison

We live in a society where economic prowess dictates political and societal power. The United States is the most powerful nation in the world, not due to sheer size of it’s land, population or military, but due to it’s ability to govern international trade, to subdue “disobedient” nations through economic sanctions and to derive favorable more »

A revamped website!

I originally set up my personal site back in 2013, with the first post announcing it’s arrival: My website CMS (content management system) tool uses WordPress, the most common CMS on the internet. A WordPress site can use different themes, the theme above is one I customized from Surfurama. Surfurama is a great theme. I more »

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