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How I Make My Films

I’ve been into filmmaking, especially editing, ever since I was in elementary school. Here’s a clip from my early editing days when my brothers, our friends and I made advertisements for spoof products we just made up: In college, I had a film company that produced engineering highlight reels, my cousin’s “how we met” wedding more »

C3: Charts for the layman

Making charts with C3 I am a big fan of Data-Driven Documents, also known as D3, a javascript library developed by Mike Bostock. Binding to data loaded in through D3 can be quit onerous and requires quite a bit of in depth knowledge of the framework. Recently, someone has developed a library built on D3 more »

Flocking with Sperm

Flocking. Sperm. Sperm flocking.That got you to click didn’t it? Everybody loves sperm! Well, if you don’t you’ve got to at least acknowledge it’s an integral building block of human life. Good news, you’ll get to see some sperm below. Bad news, it’s not all that erotic. Now, back to sperm flocking. What does that more »

Notes: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Notes Below you will find notes from my Introduction to Computer Graphics course I took as a senior in college. Please feel free to read through these OpenGL notes and shoot me any questions you may have in the comments.   OpenGL stands for Open Graphics Library, and it is a relatively complicated and difficult more »

Alfred’s Self Teaching Piano Songs

Taylor White · Harp Song Harp Song, Alfred’s Self Teaching Piano Book A few months ago I bought a piano so that I could join the club of individuals who take joy in creating music. In an effort to make myself practice, get better, and eventually perform a song or two in front of people, more »


I took a creative writing class in college, and mustered out some works of art that could barely pass for literature. I mean literature in the most literal sense–this is work made of letters on a page–any other definition would be a stretch. These are not to be taken seriously. This is one of those works. more »

Skipping Marketing

Justly written in 2013 (while skipping Marketing class).  An hour to kill, what should I do? Oh I know! I’ll write a review! Taking Data Abstractions & Structures, and learning C Plus Plus, the teacher is a fuck-tard, he makes me want to cuss. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, the tasks were written by more »

In Depth on Atari’s Super Football

  In Depth on Doug Neubauer’s Super Football Sunday, January 19, 14 By Taylor White   Super Football created by Doug Neubauer and published by Atari in 1988 was Atari’s third, and most comprehensive rendition of an American football game for the VCS. The game, which was an Atari original (not ported), features five players more »

For My Dog: Shadow, A Eulogy

The following poem is a poem for my dog Shadow, who lived a long and loving life, as written by my mother, Debbie. Shadow and my mom were very close as the only women in our household and often the only ones home during much of the day. I miss her very much. Shadow There more »

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