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by Taylor

13th June, 2015

I took a creative writing class in college, and mustered out some works of art that could barely pass for literature. I mean literature in the most literal sense–this is work made of letters on a page–any other definition would be a stretch. These are not to be taken seriously. This is one of those works.  Duh-duh. (Queue the Law & Order beat).

Leggings Leggings, everywhere,

60 Degrees brings them out.

Girls on the street strut their stuff,

and guys pretend not to stare.

Somedays I think it’s just not fair,

when I see leggings everywhere.

It’s hard not to be distracted,

when they leave so little to the imagination.

I can’t believe they’re socially acceptable,

but hey–I guess that’s just fashion. 

Hopefully anyone reading this gets a good chuckle (and again realizes that my poetry skills are not to be taken seriously).

Note to my future daughter(s): You’ll not be wearing leggings as pants. Unless of course your mother overrules me.

by Taylor