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Remembrances of Covid: Winter 2020 – Spring 2021

🦠 This is my fourth post in my Remembrances of Covid series. Click here to check out the third one. My last post discussed: leaving my employer, my only ever full time job, and one I had held for more than six years. moving out of the house my friends and I had rented for more »

Remembrances of Covid: Summer-Fall 2020

🦠 This is my third post in a 5 part series, Remembrances of Covid. Click here to check out the second one. June-July Sometime in June my employer was really pushing to have employees come back to the office beginning mid-July. I made plans to return back to Madison to enjoy the summer with my more »

Remembrances of Covid: March-June 2020

🦠 This is my second publication in my series on Covid. Check out the previous post here. March 2020 Furor over the virus was growing the past month. The university and other more liberal (or government funded) facilities began shutting down in early March. Trump was talking about the virus spreading from China and I more »

Remembrances of Covid: January – February 2020

History is written by the victors. Now that Covid is largely “over”, I want to write a number of my experiences & observations down, so that my memory is not tainted by the spin of my community, media, or politicians–in other words, those with vested interests to spin the reality we lived through from early more »

Quarantine 2021: Igloo Update 2.0

Alright, another week has passed since our last igloo update, and we’ve got lots of progress to report! But alas, we’ve not yet completed the igloo. Sierrane and I spent many hours this week in our diligent manufacture of bricks, with Sierrane doing (in my opinion) much of the heavy lifting of emptying the aluminum more »

Quarantine 2021: Igloo Update

Alright, it’s been a little over a week since Sierrane and I began our igloo journey and committed ourselves to long, cold, and exciting work of putting a roof over our heads this winter. Since we’ve started, our friend Kristen joined us, and we’ve made a ton of progress (which you’ll see and read about more »

Winter Quarantine: Igloo Edition

Last week my roommate, Sierrane, stormed into my room proclaiming that we should build an igloo. She didn’t have to sell me on it, I was in. The next day I stepped outside to see Sierrane shoveling a respectable quantity of snow and building a circular snowbank in our backyard. I went to research igloo more »

Just Do It: 2020 Workout Goals

The past few years my brothers and I have held an annual “workout” competition 💪😎. The workout competition goes as follows: Each competitor must workout 4 times a week Weeks start on Mondays and end on Sundays Workouts should typically be no less than 30 minutes in length (but this is always a judgement call) more »

How I Make My Films

I’ve been into filmmaking, especially editing, ever since I was in elementary school. Here’s a clip from my early editing days when my brothers, our friends and I made advertisements for spoof products we just made up: In college, I had a film company that produced engineering highlight reels, my cousin’s “how we met” wedding more »

Building My First Bow & Arrows

Back in March I was staying in Cincinnati with my family: my parents, my brother Connor and his girlfriend Molly. I had some time on my hands outside of work, and I thought I’d take advantage of my Dad’s carpentry shop. I’d recently become a fan of The Last Kingdom, a story of the beginnings more »

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