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Alfred’s Self Teaching Piano Songs

by Taylor

16th June, 2015

Taylor White · Harp Song

Harp Song, Alfred’s Self Teaching Piano Book

A few months ago I bought a piano so that I could join the club of individuals who take joy in creating music. In an effort to make myself practice, get better, and eventually perform a song or two in front of people, I’m posting my early attempts at creating music. I’ll eventually update the playlist with more music as I learn the songs, but please give a listen to what I’ve got so far and let me know what you think. Words of encouragement are always welcome!

I’ve also uploaded two original songs written and played by my friend Brian Breitsch in my apartment in Dayton a few years back, which have served as inspiration for me to learn an instrument as I was deeply moved and amazed by his talents. Ever since listening to him casually jam out for our friends, I’ve always wanted to learn to play, as I so thoroughly enjoyed his performance. Enjoy!

by Taylor