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I’m in a Book!

by Taylor

18th July, 2015

Do you know the song “I’m on a boat?” If you don’t, you should. In fact, I’m putting it right after this sentence, so if you haven’t seen the video or heard the song, now’s your chance.

Anyways, if I possessed the same quality singing voice T. Pain has, and had the desire for everyone to hate me, then I too would be singing to the heavens through a synth. Yet my lyrics would be slightly altered to “I’m in a book (y’all)”!

One of my ancestors is Salmon P. Chase (1808-1873), an American politician and judge. Chase served as the sixth chief justice of the United States, as well as the Secretary of the Treasury for Abraham Lincoln (so my lineage was on the right side of the civil war, whew). He had two failed bids for the presidency (1860 and 1864) and was responsible for introducing the U.S. dollar bill as the first form of paper currency.

As an ambitious man who held the power to design the first currency, Chase put his portrait on a portion of the $1 bills to increase the American public’s recognition of him.

US $1 circa 1862 featuring Chase

I’m very fond of my link to Chase, as someone who fought diligently for liberty of all people, refuted a “protective” tariff favoring American businesses, and was known to have a good collaborative relationship with democrats across the aisle, he represents many traits that I would like to emulate, and would like to see more of in congress today.

When visiting my grandmother earlier this year, I found a few books of hers relating to the ancestors of Salmon P. Chase and what they are doing now. I was so surprised to see my and my brothers’ names in it!

My grandmother’s maiden name is Chase, and as an only child the Chase name, from my branch of the family ends with her. My mom gave me middle name in an effort to keep the name alive, something I am very proud of and grateful for.

It’s very cool to have my name in a published book!

by Taylor