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Whistleblowing: Confessions of a TSA Agent

by Taylor

2th March, 2014

I just read a great article from former TSA agent Jason Edward Harrington, (@JasonHarrington) titled Dear America, I Saw You Naked, about his time at the TSA, particularly focused on the introduction of the RapiScan full body scanners. His account details a range of bureaucracy and abuses entertained by the TSA officials and managers alike, with evidence of government waste such as,

We knew the full-body scanners didn’t work before they were even installed. Not long after the Underwear Bomber incident, all TSA officers at O’Hare were informed that training for the Rapiscan Systems full-body scanners would soon begin. The machines cost about $150,000 a pop.”

As well as pure invasion and shameful abuses of privacy:

“Many of the images we gawked at were of overweight people, their every fold and dimple on full awful display.”

All in all, I highly recommend you read his accounts, it is an interesting tale and also speaks to the power of the individual. Shortly after Harrington’s first viral blog post about the inner workings of the TSA, they issued an official response and ended their contract with RapiScan.  I believe it is people like Harrington who speak out for that which is just and right that make a democracy strong.

Read more at: Politico.com

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