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Things To Do Before I Die

by Taylor

30th August, 2017

I’ve long kept a cherished word document on my (aging) Macbook. One of the things most important to me, besides the pictures, is my bucket list, which I had titled “Things to do before I die (.docx)”. I thought it would be nice to share to see what, if any, overlap others might have in their lists, gain other ideas for accomplishments to be done and to publicize my goals in a further effort to keep myself honest.

Below are the set of items I’d like to accomplish before keeling over (many years from now hopefully). You can sort the table by clicking on a header.

Note that specific locations to be traveled to are not called out as I generally want to see the world, so that list would be rather large,

To take a look at the code used to generate this, check out bl.ocks.

by Taylor