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2017: Year In Review

by Taylor

1th February, 2018

Year In Review

As 2017 closes down, I’d like to reflect on the events of the past year. I visited New England for the first time, changed roles at work, suffered a fairly serious head injury (and recovered), crossed a few items off my bucket list and made countless other memories.



  • Canoe and camping on the Wisconsin River
  • Camping in Door County
  • Hosted Halloween, Friendsgiving, Christmas parties
  • Recovered from a head injury
  • Sarah Wildes’ Murder Mystery
  • Skydiving
  • Stephen Lagos 3rd Annual Christmas Extravaganza
  • Tubing on Sugar River
  • Vacation to New England
  • Winter hot-tubbing in Baraboo, WI

Art & Culture


This year I visited the following states for the first time:

I enjoyed vacations with my good friend Tyler Visagie in Denver, explored Dallas, Tx and Southern Methodist University with Tessa Jones, New England with Kelsey Smith and quite a few smaller trips mentioned in my end of year video or throughout this blog post.

Plans for 2018

  • Travel to the following countries:
  • Help at least one customer install and turn on our new scheduling software at Epic
  • Visit another national park
  • Visit my thirtieth state
  • Lobby for at least one desired change in my local government to be adopted
  • Weigh 170lbs by May


Skydiving in Madison, WI

by Taylor