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A revamped website!

by Taylor White

2th October, 2020

I originally set up my personal site back in 2013, with the first post announcing it’s arrival:

My “old” site shows colorful background images based on the time of year.

My website CMS (content management system) tool uses WordPress, the most common CMS on the internet. A WordPress site can use different themes, the theme above is one I customized from Surfurama.

Surfurama is a great theme. I can assign colors to each different category of blog posting, allowing the reader to experience very colorful pages like this:

I recently decided to use Frontity as the “front-end” of my site. Frontity uses React to interact with WordPress’s new headless auth APIs that allow grabbing data about the page/post/site through JSON payloads.

What this means is that my new site, (TaylorChaseWhite.com), uses React as the frontend platform to render data on the browser. This ultimately should make the site feel more modern and snappy, as you never actually have a page reload when you navigate from one portion of the site, the shell of the site should remain while the content is refreshed, but the whole site isn’t rendered on the server and downloaded like in a normal page.

For posterity’s sake, I thought I’d show off a few shots of my new site (which I hope is what you’re reading from!) in the event that I change it.

Aside from the “speedier” feel, my favorite thing about my new site is the “recent posts” header that shows the three most recent post with large hitboxes.

It’s definitely been interesting getting all of my links and iframes updated to hit the right addresses now that I’m serving two different sites from the same server (old.taylorchasewhite.com and taylorchasewhite.com), but it’s worked out for the most part.

If you miss the old site, you can still check it out at old.taylorchasewhite.com!



by Taylor White