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Diabetes Updates

Recent diabetes updates I recently wrote a post detailing the construction of a chart using the JS library C3 that displayed my blood glucose scores over a period of three years. I’d like to shift focus a little bit from the pure joy of data to a topic with a bit more of a personal more »

C3: Charts for the layman

Making charts with C3 I am a big fan of Data-Driven Documents, also known as D3, a javascript library developed by Mike Bostock. Binding to data loaded in through D3 can be quit onerous and requires quite a bit of in depth knowledge of the framework. Recently, someone has developed a library built on D3 more »

Veteran Affairs Signs Epic Scheduling

The election of our new President, Donald Trump, has greatly impacted the day-to-day life at work for my team and I. Once-sidelined plans for the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to contract with Epic to support their Medical Appointment Scheduling System (MASS) were placed back on the table in February 2017 when the new Secretary more »

D3: Data Driven Project Reports

Last fall I became involved with a large development team at my workplace that had fallen behind deadlines and found itself with a great deal of work to be done in a short timeline. I began to think about what was the cause of those deadline misses and how to avoid those moving forward. Here more »

MIPS Compiler

About Reserved Words IDs & Lits Syntax Grammar MIPS Compiler In the spring of 2014, Robert Smayda and I wrote our own computer language. The language has an LL(1) grammar, which means input is parsed from left to right and constructs a leftmost syntax tree (derivation). An LL(1) language means that our grammar is context-free, more »

Project Eagle Eye

Project: Eagle Eye As a part of my sophomore year of college (2011-2012) I worked for an Air Force-affiliated research program known as Summer At The Edge (SATE) at the Wright Brothers Institute located just outside Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH. Official photos from our year’s internship can be found here. The more »

Robotic Localization Visualization

Background This project is intended to visualize a particle filter used in the process of localization described in the latter half of my corresponding research document, The Road to the Future: A Look at Autonomous Vehicles and the Localization Problem. The localization problem is representative of finding one’s self in space. This visualization project shows more »

Travel Log

Laguna Beach, CA Back in September I took several trips to the western part of the United States, visiting San Francisco, Irvine, and Dallas. Although exhausted by the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. While on the road, I hung out in the coves of Laguna Beach, met with a friend from high school in more »

Working With R

I recently started learning how to use the statistical modeling software, R for visualizing and statistical modeling. Here’s a few examples of some visualizations and insights I was able to find: Here are some of my published pages, which are neatly build by using R markdown documents or .rmd files. Hover over the link to more »

Collection of Favorite Articles

I want to use this post as a way to add an ongoing and updates list of favorite articles. Here’s how I intend this page to work (if it doesn’t as of this posting, then, well, I haven’t gotten around to it yet: Below you’ll see a list. That list will be sorted chronologically by more »

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